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CoVRt Operation is a goofy tongue-in-cheek interactive heist adventure, in VR! When the job goes south and Henchman 697, a rookie employee for E.V.I.L (Evil Villains Incorporated Limited), unwittingly kills his superior, it’s up to him to finish the job before it’s too late!

CoVRt Operation is a student project I made with a few collaborators while studying at the NFTS. Feedback is very welcome; if you enjoy it (or don't) let me know what you think, as good ol' Covid 19 hasnt afforded me the oppurtunity to showcase and test it with many people in person...

This game requries a virtual reality headset to play. If using a headset with built in sensors such as the Rift S or Quest 2 (with oculus link) then download the headset sensors version. If you are using a headset with external sensors (and therefore a definitive "forward" direction) download the front sensors version.

(Lastly as with many VR games if you hear no sound your computer may be playing audio out of the wrong device, unplugging any headphones and/or selecting your headset in the speaker tab at the bottom right of the windows taskbar before starting the game should fix the problem)

Install instructions

You only need to download one version (see notes in bio). Unzip and double click on the exe to play.


CoVRt Operation - Headset Sensors.zip 490 MB
CoVRt Operation - Front Sensors.zip 490 MB

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